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Advocating For Common Sense Legislation That Protects Our Valued Principles


It is an honor serving as a representative in the Wisconsin State Assembly. 

Washington County and Assembly District 58 is a great place to live, work, and play. My wife Lois and I have called Slinger our home since 1992 and my family’s roots in Washington County date back five generations to 1845.  Those roots are embedded deep into the fabric of this community.

I am a graduate of St. Kilian Catholic Grade School and Hartford Union High School. I attended UW-Washington County and graduated from UW-Oshkosh with a bachelor's degree in radio, t.v., film. 


After working in the radio broadcasting industry I formed my own audio video production business  McKay Enterprises LLC in 2000.

I have experience at many levels of government representing Slinger for twelve years as a Washington

County Board Supervisor.

While on the Washington County Board I served as:

     County Board Chair.
     Executive Committee 1st Vice Chair.
     Chair – Board of Health.
     Chair – Aging & Disability Resource Center.
     Chair – Eastern Wisconsin Counties Railroad                                Consortium.

I have servd as a Trustee on the Slinger Village Board from 2009 til 2023.

As a representative of the 58th District, I currently serve on the following Assembly committees:

     Chair of Jobs, Economy,        and Small Business                  Development. 

      Health, Aging and Longterm Care.

      Local Government.

      Workforce Development.

      Children and Families.

      Substance Abuse and Prevention.


I will continue to work for you as I have at the county and local levels.  Make the right choice and re-elect me, Rick Gundrum, to the 58th Assembly District.

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