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Elect my husband, Rick Gundrum.

On Tuesday, Dec. 19 we will be electing a representative for the 58th Assembly District. It is important we choose the right candidate.

I helped campaign door to door for Rick Gundrum. Many times I met people who said “I know Rick. Roman and Mary were his parents.” They recalled that Rick would drive h

is parents to appointments and events. Rick was a good son who gave up opportunities in his career to care for his parents. The qualities of a good son are also the qualities of a good husband, parent, and grandparent.

He knows about the issues of the aged and knows the best way to ensure their needs are met is to not only continue a service, but to reduce costs. In his position on the Washington County Board and as Chairman, Rick lead the efforts to merge the Washington and Ozaukee Board of Health to reduce costs by saving taxpayers $300,000 annually and improving services to those in need, chaired the Aging Disability Resource Center Board to ensure the elderly and disabled are getting the services they need, and advocated to update the vehicles for the shared ride taxi so the elderly and physically challenged could get to their appointments.

Rick is all about family. Each year family members look forward to receiving his picture postcards that share family memories. He is a great stepdad and a favorite grandparent. Rick will drop everything to attend a grandkid’s concert, school event, or sport activity. He wants to ensure a prosperous future and education opportunities for his family and yours. That’s why he supports school choice and feels investing in education is a necessity.

Rick works to make his community a better place. He gets involved in community fundraisers is currently a member of the Slinger Advancement Association, a past member of the Slinger Allenton Rotary Paul Harris recipient, a board member of the Slinger Housing Authority, and is a member of St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Slinger.

Rick has a proven record of being a true conservative and that is the path to a better future for families. He will support the initiatives of Duey Stroebel and Scott Walker to move our community forward making it the best it can be.

Rick is a kind, thoughtful, and humble man. I thank God he chose me for his wife.

Please vote for Rick Gundrum 58th Assembly on Tuesday, Dec. 19.

Lois Krueger-Gundrum

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