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Wisconsin Family Action Endorses Rick

Wisconsin Family Action PAC is pleased to announce its endorsement of Rick Gundrum, candidate for the 58th Assembly District. We fully expect Rick will be the leader we need in Madison.

With his proven background of reform and fiscal conservative leadership in Washington County, we have every reason to believe he will aggressively support, both publicly and behind the scenes, good fiscal policy and other measures that will strengthen, preserve and promote marriage, family, life and religious liberty. Most legislation elected officials deal with directly impacts at least one of these core areas.

We need strong leadership from people with integrity in order to keep moving Wisconsin forward. We are confident Rick embodies these characteristics and anticipate his leading from the front on behalf of all of his constituents and for the good of all Wisconsin citizen.

We urge citizens in the 58th Assembly District to cast their vote on Tuesday for Rick Gundrum.

Julaine K. Appling, Director

Wisconsin Family Action PAC

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