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Letter to the Editor | Vote Rick Gundrum for 58th Assembly District | By Russ Brandt

Oct. 23, 2018 – Washington, Co. WI – The Election to be held Nov. 6 will determine the direction the State and Federal Government will take for the next couple of years or perhaps longer. That future could include higher taxes and a much larger government if we elect people who have a liberal agenda.

It is very important that you get out to vote and re-elect people like Rick Gundrum to the State Assembly. Rick served us well for 12 years on the Washington County Board, 2 years as County Board Chairman. Rick is also serving the residents of Slinger as a Trustee. Over time he has proven to be a good steward of the taxpayer’s money without jeopardizing core services.

He has delivered on smaller government by advocating and instituting priority based budgeting, which saves taxpayers money and improves efficiencies without having a negative impact on core services.

Rick believes that all taxpayers should be treated fairly which is why he is working on legislation that will close the “Dark Store” loophole. He is currently serving on the 2018 legislative Council Study Committee on Property Tax Assessment Practices to address the inequities and will only support those initiatives that fully resolve the issue.

He will continue to work on ways the State can work better with local governments by reviewing levy limits and other aid programs to insure there is fairness and that local needs are met when distributing State aids.

Your support on Nov. 6 for Rick Gundrum for Assembly is important. Much has been done in the past 8 years here in Wisconsin to now turn the clock back to a liberal agenda. I hope you join me at the ballot box and cast your vote for Rick Gundrum.

Russ Brandt President, Village of Slinger

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