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Kriefall: Rick Gundrum is the most qualified candidate

On December 19, the fine residents of the 58th District will go to the polls to vote to replace Bob Gannon, who tragically passed away on October 3. Of all the candidates, only one possesses the skills and conservative resume to properly represent the citizens of Washington County.

Rick Gundrum has been serving his fellow citizens as a Village of Slinger trustee and Washington County Board Chairman. I have had the pleasure to work with Rick on the County Board for over 5 years, the last 2 while he was Chairman, working closely with him as 2nd vice chair and member of the Executive Committee.

Rick has worked tirelessly to identify opportunities to streamline government, while maintaining necessary services and even improving those services with interagency cooperation. He has forged Washington County to the forefront of sharing services with other governmental entities to eliminate waste and redundancies. He listens to his constituents and makes decisions considering input from them and his fellow County Board members. Rick has a proven track record as a conservative, is not afraid to look outside the box to find solutions to problems and to identify and implement strategies to reduce the tax burden on his constituents. The current tax rate in Washington County is the lowest it has been in over 100 years.

Rick has led Washington County well and will be an asset to the State Assembly as your Representative for the 58th District. Governments all over the country are taking notice of the innovations taking place in Washington County Wisconsin and many are looking to follow our lead. I will be voting for Rick and I encourage you to vote for him to represent us and bring those innovations to the floor of the State Assembly.

Don Kriefall

County Board Supervisor


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